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If you're looking for a delicious chicken dish to tempt your tastebuds, take a look at our favourite options!

Chicken has been eaten for a long time and is one of the most popular protein sources to eat as part of a traditional roast dinner. Chicken also has a number of health benefits such as being lower in fat than other meat options and containing a lot of important vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B12, Iron and Zinc. 

It's a versatile ingredient that pops up in all kinds of dishes from various world cuisines. On our menu, we have many different types of chicken dishes from Italian favourites such as Chicken and Chianti Casserole to Chinese style dishes like Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Noodles.

Here are some of our favourite chicken dinners:

One question that's often asked is 'is frozen chicken healthy'? 

The nutritional content of frozen chicken is the same as if eaten fresh, so you can be sure you'll enjoy all the same nutritional benefits. In fact, when you freeze chicken it ensures all of the nutrients are locked in!

Frozen chicken ready meals can also be seen as a more sustainable option, as having a ready meal can help to reduce food waste due to no ingredient wastage compared to cooking from scratch. The carbon footprint of white meat is also much lower than red meat. Over 66 days, a person eating 100g of white rather than red meat would reduce their carbon footprint by 113 Kilos.

All of our premade chicken meals also have best before dates clearly labelled, so you know how long you can keep it for in the freezer!

Try some of our delicious chicken dishes...

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