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The clock strikes 11 o’clock, and what better thing to do than make a brew and have a delicious treat – or better known as ‘Elevenses’!

Our Driver, Davina, couldn’t help but pop in for a quick tea stop with her wonderful customers, Mike and Jennie in Bath. Everyone enjoys their cuppa differently, which is why we spoke to Davina and our customers to decide what truly makes the ‘best Elevenses’.

Customer plays piano Customer plays piano

Tea or coffee?

A hot topic of debate – what goes better with cake, tea or coffee? For Jennie, tea is a strong winner, even if Mike does take too long to make it!

For Mike and Davina, it has to be coffee to fuel the busy day ahead. Sometimes, Davina even has to have an extra teaspoon of sugar to make it extra sweet. Would you agree?

Best 11 O'clock activity? 

For Jennie and Mike, they love to take advantage of their wonderful piano that they have in their living room. Jennie plays melodies before she tucks into her cake, while Mike likes to sit back and test his brain with the latest newspaper crossword. For Davina, it’s time to relax and put on the TV with her cuppa.

Jam or cream first on a scone?

For some, scones are a must-have at Elevenses or with Afternoon Tea. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for summer to enjoy delicious strawberry and cream scones. However, our questions of ‘jam or cream first?’ really split opinions between our Driver and her customers. For Driver Davina, it was ‘cream of course!’, while Jennie and Mike were certain it has to always be jam. Apparently, if the cream is put on first, then the texture is affected and you end up with one big snack ‘scone wrong’!

Most importantly, what treats make the best Elevenses? 

For Mike, anything with chocolate! Especially Chocolate Fudge Cake. Jennie and Davina enjoy something a bit more on the traditional side, including Lemon Drizzle Cake, Fruit Cake and the classic Victoria Sponge.

Customers enjoying a Baked Vanilla Cheesecake Customers enjoying a Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

All this talk of cake is making our mouths water, so we’ve picked out some of our Elevenses top picks below!

Coffee & Walnut Cake – what goes well with a cup of coffee? More coffee of course. Our Coffee & Walnut cake is a delicious coffee flavoured sponge with coffee flavoured icing and sprinkled with crunchy walnut pieces. 
All Butter Shortbread - rich and buttery shortbread dusted with sugar, perfect to dunk in a cup of tea.
Bramley Apple Pie – a slice of shortcrust pastry filled with Bramley apple pieces and lightly dusted with sugar.
Lemon Drizzle Cake – Lemon Drizzle is always a teatime favourite. Why not try our tangy lemon sponge drizzled with zesty citrus topping.
Country Cake – our traditional Country Cake is great for anyone who loves some fruit in their cake! A moist cake filled with currants and sultanas.
Pork Pie – for those that prefer something savoury as their mid-morning snack. Lightly seasoned pork in a rich hot water crust pastry. 

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