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As supermarket delivery slots fill up, we provide you with tips on securing a Wiltshire Farm Foods meal delivery slot during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rest assured - we are still delivering.

Rest assured - we are still delivering.

As we find ourselves in lockdown 2.0, people are becoming more reliant on getting their food delivered direct to their door, but with demand soaring – how can you secure a meal delivery slot during Coronavirus?

As meal delivery providers ourselves, we thought we’d share some tips and take you through our quick and easy process on securing a meal delivery slot with Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Home Food Delivery

Opting for online food deliveries or a meal delivery service avoids the need to visit any supermarkets and finding yourself amongst any crowds. Meal delivery services allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home, whilst keeping safe.

Many people have turned to supermarket delivery slots but have found they prove difficult to get. They begin to fill up fast, with people securing slots weeks in advance. The demand for delivery slots can vary by location, but rest assured there are still slots available with us. Meal Delivery Services like ourselves have been able to prepare for the second lockdown to ensure there are sufficient services available for you.

In the support of sustainability, we do not offer specific time slots. Instead, our delivery drivers use the best routes to protect our environment. This ensures they are driving the shortest distances, maintaining low miles and fuel efficiency – helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

Good Old-Fashioned Service

As we saw demand increase during the first lockdown we quickly adapted our approach to ensure we could still deliver as usual, ensuring our customers didn’t go without. We re-deployed our workforces to ensure there were enough employees on the frontline to deal with demand, whilst maintaining our good old-fashioned service.

We were able to take these learnings and make sure we were prepared for the second lockdown, so rest assured we are still delivering to your door with a smile.

Secure Your Meal Delivery Slot 

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Your Safety Is Our Priority

Our drivers are trained in no-contact delivery and have been supplied with hand sanitiser to apply before and after their deliveries. Upon delivery, they will knock on your door and place your delicious ready meals on the doorstep. They will then ensure you have collected your meals by waiting at a safe distance.

If you are unable to collect your meals, then our friendly drivers will take them through to your freezer for you. However, precautions still remain, they will be required to wear a face covering or visor and maintain social distancing guidelines. If you require this service, let us know upon placing your order via phone or in the delivery instruction box upon checkout if shopping online.

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