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To celebrate our hardworking heroes out on the roads, we wanted to shine the spotlight on a few of our longest serving drivers!

Delivering sunshine to your door

Our wonderful drivers are superstars, delivering your frozen ready meals throughout the whole of the UK from Aberdeen to Eastbourne. Come rain, shine - or pandemic - they are there for you, so we wanted to celebrate some of our longest serving drivers! If only we had space to feature them all...

Driver: Duncan Darby
Area: Cannock
Number of years worked: 12 Years

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 12 years delivering meals for Wiltshire Farm Foods and meeting all the lovely customers. I hope to have many more years ahead of me."

Do you have a funny story to share with us?

“I once ripped my trousers (in the worst possible place) whilst getting into the van. A kind customer stitched them back up for me – while I waited in my underpants!”

Driver: Chris Todd
Area: Peterborough
Number of years worked: 21 Years


"There have been so many lovely gestures from customers over the years; being given hand-knitted baby clothes when my wife and I had our children, receiving a get-well card following an operation – the acts of kindness make the job and the relationship I have with my customers feel special."

Driver: Leigh Wiley
Area: Preston
Number of years worked: 17 Years

"Most driving jobs can be quite solitary but not this one – I really love the sociable side of it."

Do you have a funny story to share with us?

“I once spent a full 20 minutes painstakingly passing 14 meals to a customer through her letterbox as she didn’t have the front door key. Then when she needed to give me the cheque she told me to pop into the kitchen and get it as the back door was open!”

Driver: Bev Ebdy
Area: Eastbourne
Number of years worked: 15 Years

"This past year has been challenging and we have all worked hard to ensure customers old and new have had meals in their freezer. The appreciation from people when we have arrived at their door has been overwhelming and makes my job so worthwhile."
Driver: Andrew Surman
Area: Tunbridge Wells
Number of years worked: 15 Years

"I started the day after my 25th birthday having spent a few years in England in the construction business. My English was a bit limited, but I soon managed to communicate and understand my colleagues and our customers."
Do you have a funny story to share with us?
“One time, a customer came rushing out to my van as I was unloading. He whispered not to let his wife see as he was pretending to cook her a Valentine’s Day meal from scratch that evening!"

Driver: Gordon Murray
Area: Aberdeen
Number of years worked: 6 Years

"Meeting our customers and building relationships with them is what makes this job so special."

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