Ready Meals vs Cooking Yourself From Scratch

Ready Meals vs Cooking Yourself From Scratch

Ready Meals vs Cooking Yourself From Scratch

Added 1854 days ago. 9 May 2018

Cooking from scratch is enjoyable for some, good for the soul, as well as the tummy. However, you might be looking for a more convenient option without the need to shop, chop or wash up each time.

It is often more convenient to consider a meal delivery service, with a wide choice of tasty frozen ready meals, delivered direct to your door.

We’ve been summing up the benefits of ready meals versus cooking from scratch, so you can find a balance that’s right for you.


Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or ready to shop with your detailed list of ingredients, you will need to navigate those grocery isles with precision – collecting everything from shallots and salmon, to vanilla extract and custard – to whip up a tasty meal and delicious pudding this evening!

When cooking from scratch, making time to research and plan your kitchen necessities are key to a smooth cooking experience. Before you pop on your apron, make sure your fridge is stocked, so you can master your culinary creation without a hitch.



It’s really important to know your food. So, it’s reassuring to know our meals contain none of the following:
• ✗ Artificial Flavours 
• ✗ Artificial Colours 
• ✗ HVOs (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) 
• ✗ GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).


It takes a lot of concentration and organisation to prepare a meal from scratch, from preparing the ingredients, to scheduling cooking times and cleaning up pots and pans in the process.
The benefit of choosing a ready meal often boils down to saving you time. If the cooking process is daunting for you, leave the preparation and delivery of your meal with our expert team - you’re in safe hands. 


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