Chef's Favourites Menu Pack


Crème Caramel

A delicious French inspired dessert topped with a rich and sweet caramel sauce.


Chicken Breast in White Wine & Mushroom Sauce

Chicken breast in an Italian white wine and mushroom sauce. Served with skin on parsley potatoes, carrots and Romano beans.

Plum & Cherry Crumble

Deliciously fruity plums and cherries topped with a golden oaty crumble.


Cod Fillet with Mornay Sauce

Fillet of cod cooked with a tasty cheese sauce. Served with parsley boiled potatoes, green beans, peas and Romano green beans.


West Country Clotted Cream Rice Pudding

A delicious pudding made with West Country clotted cream and a hint of spicy nutmeg.


Sausages in Rich Onion Gravy

Two sausages in onion gravy with Cheddar cheese mashed potato. Served with red cabbage with apple & port and carrots.


Luxury Cottage Pie

Minced beef and brisket in a red wine gravy topped with mashed potato and a ciabatta, West Country Cheddar cheese and parsley crumb.


Lamb in Honey & Mint Sauce

Slow cooked lamb in a honey & mint sauce. Served with mashed potato topped with a lemon and parsley ciabatta crumb, carrots, Romano beans and green beans.


Beef Bourguignon

Slices of Silverside beef in a rich red wine sauce with silverskin onions, mushrooms and bacon lardons. Served with roast potatoes and cauliflower in a Cheddar cheese sauce.