Our chefs are dedicated to creating
delicious dishes that tickle taste buds
and provide delight in every bite.

Softer Foods

We know all about making really good food and our chefs are always working on creating delicious recipes for you to enjoy.

Meal Sizes

We cater for every appetite, which is why our meals come in three different sizes – Hearty Meals, Main Meals & Mini Meals.

Free From

All the meals in our Free From range are free from 14 of the major allergens including gluten and made without onion and garlic.

Diet Codes & Icons

Thanks to our registered dietitian, you can be confident we know our stuff when it comes to nutrition. Look out for our icons throughout the website.

In the Kitchen

We believe everyone should look forward to a tasty and appetising meal, regardless of their needs. That’s why we’re so proud of our award-winning Softer Foods range.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If our food doesn’t make you smile, we’ll replace it absolutely free. Just keep hold of the film lid from the top of your meal and we’ll sort out the rest, find out more now.


When we talk about delivering good food, we're not just talking about how delicious it tastes.

We take responsibility for our people and planet too, respecting the world around us, our trusted suppliers and valued customers.

When selecting our ingredients, we work closely with our trusted suppliers in the UK, as well as Europe and the rest of the world.

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