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Did you know? 4.5m tonnes of food is wasted in the UK, each year. Here is a handy guide, full of facts and advice on reducing food waste in your home. 

According to Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) [1], 4.5m tonnes of food is wasted each year, 70% which could have been eaten! Oh and that’s just in the UK. A whopping, 1.3 million tonnes is wasted worldwide, each year, that’s nearly 1/3 of all food produced. Shocked? Yes we are too. Imagine all the mouths that could feed! 

To help reduce food waste, we have put together this handy guide which includes advice and tips on taking steps to reduce food waste in your home and beyond.

Why Help To Reduce Food Waste?

You may think food waste doesn’t affect you, but this is not true. In fact, it can affect us and future generations to come.

Food waste contributes to wider problems affecting our planet, such as climate change. Food that is thrown away from your home, travels to landfill where it is left to rot. This produces the second most common greenhouse gas, methane contributing to climate change.

We also have to consider, whilst food is the physical waste there are also economic and environmental losses involved too. When food is wasted, we waste the time, labour and resources that have gone into producing it.

Where Is Food Wasted?

What Can You Do To Reduce Food Waste?

How We're Addressing Food Waste

Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, ethical values are engrained as part of our culture. We are always reviewing ways in which we can become more sustainable throughout our supply chain.  

We are not only proud partners of the Ethical Trading Initiative, but we have also won a Queen’s Award - the most prestigious of business accolades - for our commitment towards having a positive impact on our environment, society and economy. 

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